Elisa. Nothing interesting about me. I have contradicting personalities and nothing worth doing. My choices are much less than responsible. I have perfected the art of being an eccedentesiast.

She was never there

I created a little landscape with a white gel pen.


my friend richie was really angry one time and he picked up a rock and threw it angrily at the ground but it actually didnt touch the ground it went straight into a gutter so he literally threw a rock at the ground and missed


This is what almost four billion years of human evolution looks like when it’s condensed down to ten seconds, thanks to the fine folks behind the original Cosmos.
From self-replicating bags of chemistry to billions of bacteria to crude multicellular blobs to tiny swimming monsters to clumsily creeping fish to fuzzy proto-mammals to weird, naked, two-legged apes … every cosmic blink holds a beautiful story.
If you’d like to retrace your steps along the path of time that ends with you, I recommend this awesome Wikipedia page.